A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Play as a fairy soldier fighting against a technologically superior enemy in space.

You can stop time for up to 5 seconds to maneuver around enemy attacks or to do devastating damage to your enemies.

You can collect power-ups that stack until you get hit.

The game was originally a 東方Project ripoff.

This was created by Jonathan Sulinom for Game Off 2019.

The theme "LEAPS AND BOUNDS" is rather broad so danmaku【弾幕】 fits the theme.

Install instructions

Only the windows version has been tested.

To run the windows version, just extract the archive and run the executable.


space-danmaku-v001.zip 45 MB
space-danmaku-v001.tar.gz 47 MB
space-danmaku-mac-v001.zip 48 MB


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Controls feel good, they are responsive but I think the pacing is a bit too linear for a danmaku game, the attacks feel empty, there is not much feedback for when you are hit and when you hit or kill your enemies. Also, the enemies and the background detail is all the same color and almost the same size (I am talking about the stars) so tracking the things you need to shoot becomes annoying fast.